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Lura: Body, Voice And Music From The Soul Of Cape Verde

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Anyone who enjoys the music of Cape Verde knows that in recent years, new voices and new sounds have emerged without completely moving away from the traditional Cape Verdean sound that convey an intense feeling of freshness.

To be aware of this, one needs to do just one simple thing: to listen with one’s heart, because this is the best way to grasp the meaning of a message when it is called “di Korpo ku soul.”


This is what has happened with Lura, whose voice and ability to interpret Cape Verdean music was discovered recently and has become one of the best ways of making Cape Verdean music known internationally.

There is no longer any doubt about the perfect complicity established between the singer and the music of these islands, surely one of the best partnerships in the world.

Luracreole Identity
This is more than evident in Lura’s five albums. Lura was born in Portugal in 1975, the same year that the birthplace of her parents, (her mother is from Santo Antão and her father from Santiago), achieved independence from Portugal. Their daughter, less than 30 years later would become a symbol of union between Cape Verdeans and Portuguese, as well as a source of pride for both nations.

The reality is that, despite a career built almost exclusively around the music of Cape Verde, Lura was born and raised in Portugual and her experiences were always dominated by the values of Portuguese culture.


“This situation is changing gradually turning into something special, because of my need to learn about these islands, the longing and curiosity that I experienced in relation to Cape Verde. This is a result of stories that I heard from my parents since I was small, who bequeathed me in that way, a heritage of imagery that I have now the privilege to enjoy”, says the artist, for whom the desire to know Cape Verde in all its aspects and cultural wealth is “increasingly more appealing “.

Music as a Passion
If we bother to examine the meaning of some of the titles in the discography of Lura, we can easily understand that from the moment she embraced the music, first as a hobby and after as a career option, the singer always lived life (Nha Vida) in a state of permanent passion (In Love), to which she gave herself with body and soul (Di Korpu Ku Alma).

The final return to her origins happened with M’bem di Fora, which can be interpreted as a declaration of belonging to Cape Verde, and confirmation of the growing musical identity of the islands. This is underlined by Eclipse, Lura’s latest album.

Thus, when analysing the meaning of these titles and looking at the career that Lura has been building, there are interpretations that depending on the imagination, may.